Eoin and Rachel Pouliot – Camilus, NY
We are both so very happy for you and wish you nothing but happiness as you start your live together as two servants of Jehovah who have become one. May your days be blessed from now throughout all eternity

Leslie Sheldon – Troy NY
Post a message:
Congratulations to you both! It was a beautiful wedding, may each day forward be filled with as much wonderment and joy!

Anna & Dan Crim – Auburn NY
Jody & Tess, we couldn’t be happier that the two of you have found true love in each other! We are grateful that you included us in your beautiful day! May Jehovah keep his love and blessing upon your marriage. We love you so much! ♥️

Roy & Barb Miller – Seneca Falls, NY
Post a message:Congratulations! Thank you for allowing us to share in your special day! Never seen you more handsome Jody, and Tess, not only beautiful but glowing! Very happy for you both!

Leatrice Merkley – Port Byron

Thanks for the invite. Jody I know you quite well and should I say I feel sorry for her ( I hope you know I’m kidding ). Ican’t wait to meet her. Love and Hugs to all Lea

Michael Tabitha Davia – Port Byron NY

Congratulations Jody and Tess you guys look very happy

Vivian Dekeado – Bakersfield,CA

I know Jehovah will continue to bless. Hold tight to Jehovah and each other.

Kim & Nick – Corning, NY

Jody & Tessa,

We are so very happy for you both. Thank you for including us in your special day. We especially appreciated all the personal details like the ship illustration and the music choices. We hope that we can celebrate with you in person when it’s safe to do so. Until then may Jehovah continue to bless you both.

Bob and Marybeth Deer – New Port Richey Florida

Jody and Tess,
Thank you so much for inviting us to your wedding on Zoom! Tess you looked absolutely stunning and you both seem to be made for one another .May Jehovah continue blessing you!! We love you and can’t wait to see you in person!!!!!

Claudine and Jerry Karczewski – Sodus Point NY

Dear Jody and Tessa,
Thanks so much for letting us share your special day! The wedding was so well done, and we are very happy for you. We wish you love, joy, and happiness, now and into the new system.

Claudine and Jerry

Greg, Paige, Magnolia & Finnegan – Syracuse, NY

You two are beautiful together! We were so overjoyed witnessing your union, we may have even done an Irish jig or two during the musical interlude. We can’t wait for this plague to end so we can properly bear hug you! Social distance say what?

Paul& Shirley Yamin – Albany, NY

Hi Jody & Tess, we just want to say we wish you both ALL the happiness & joy in the world!! Congratulations!!! A lovely looking couple to boot!!!!

Carolyn – Brewerton NY

Congratulations on your marriage. We were so happy that everything worked out for your special day, especially considering the challenging circumstances. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the day. We were happy to attend.

Tom & Kathy Layton – Mechanicville NY

Congratulations Jody & Tess on your very special Wedding! We are so happy for both of you! There are few guarantees in life but here’s one of them: If you keep Jehovah right in the middle of your marriage, you will definitely be happy and successful.. forever!

Linda sullivan – Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Dear Jody & Tess
Congratulations & Best wishes to the happy couple. May Jehovah bless your goals in life as you serve our God in unity. Love Linda

Aunt Darlene – KY

Congratulations Jody & Tess! Beautiful wedding. Leave it to you to figure out a way to get er done… So glad to have another red head join the Layton clan… Looking forward to meeting/seeing you soon. All the best. Love ya!

The O’Neills – Union Springs

I am so happy for you guys. Can wait until we can get together to celebrate.

Amy & Craig Thompson – NY

Jody and Tess,

We are so happy for both of you and we wish you the very best in you adventures as a married couple! Your wedding was lovely and we were privileged that you invited us to attend. May Jehovah shower blessings on your new family.

Kerry & Christine Smith – Seneca Falls

Congrats guys! With Jehovah you will have many happy years together. So happy for you guys!!

Gary and Samantha Loughnot – Memphis, NY

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your special day with us, it was beautiful! We’re very happy for you both. We hope to see you soon.

Patricia Layton – Cookeville, TN

Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! Thank you for sharing your special day! This is only a start to the beginning of some beautiful memories. Love, Aunt Trish

Gordon Derrick – Troy NY

Jody Tessa congratulations.You guys looked great.Thankyou for the invite.A very smooth wedding considering the circumstances.

Rebecca Nelson – East Syracuse

Dear J Kent and Tessa, I think it’s amazing that you both have red hair!! and Jody, I hope you treat her just like your wedding topper “as you wish”!
Wishing you all the happiness of a great friendship, lots of laughter, hearts joined by true worship of the God of true love!!

Bobbie Hansen – Seneca Falls, NY

I pray for all the best for both of you and many happy years together.. Love you both

Jennifer and Olivia Mann – Martville, NY

Jody and Tessa,
Congratulations on your wedding! Our whole family is excited for your new adventure together. Thank you for letting us share in your special day. Can’t wait to congratulate you both in person.
Love, the Mann family

Alina Wood – Marion, SC

Congrats from the Wood family!

Mike & Kristen Gilbert – Waterloo, NY

Dear Jody & Tess,
We are so very happy for you guys! We know you will share much love and happiness in your future together.

Pam R – Savannah, NY

Jody & Tess, I’m so happy for you both. The love and joy you both showed on your special day was heart warming. Thanks for inviting me, everything was beautiful! May your love continue to grow over time as you get to know each other more every day!!

Mom – Home

Welcome to the family, Tessaaaaaaaah! And Jody, so glad you found your long-awaited perfect match. All happiness to you both!

Kay & Dave Lansbury – Moravia, New York

We are so happy that you invited us to attend your very special day!
You seem to be a perfect match for each other… though Tessa has already proved herself to be a very capable wife by coming to your rescue, actually trying to grab the cake as it was falling! Many wives would have cut and run before things got worse.

Michelle & Stephan – Trumansburg NY

Thank you so much for including us in your day. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!! Everything was beautiful. May Jehovah continue to bless you both as you keep him in the middle. (Tessa – I have more to say but I’ll tell you later)  Love ya!!!

Cora Francis – Wolcott,NY

Jody you and your beautiful wife look so cute, happy, and wonderful together, thank you for including me and I can’t wait to meet beautiful Tess. May Jehovah bless you both now and into the new system,

Scott and Laurie Henry – Fort Smith, Arkansas

Congratulations Jody! Welcome to the family Tessa! We are so happy for you both. Nearly missed it due to a time difference, but we were there. Thank you for including us. You looked great. It is nice to see a modest Christian wedding. We are proud of you. We look forward to being together with you in person one day to hear all your stories. In the meantime, and in these perilous times, please draw ever closer to Jehovah, looking to him for protection and guidance. Wishing for you a happy forever. Your cousins, Scott and Laurie Henry.

Jaimy Deer – Maui, Hawaii

Aloha Jody and Tess!!!
So nice to be part of your special day! You make a BEAUTIFUL couple……..!
SO glad you saved Aunt Bobby’s cake!!!
Love you both…. sending you a great big Hawaiian hug!

Kenan & Libby Brockman – Kansas City, MO

Thank you for letting us be a small part of your special day! May Jehovah bless you in all you do as you put him 1st together.
Much Love,
Uncle Kenan & Aunt Libby

Glenn, Jenn & Maddy – Auburn, NY

Jody & Tess,
Congratulations little brother (sorry, Jody but you will always be my little brother ). Tess, you are beautiful. We wish you guys the best now and forever! With Jehovah on our side, we can’t go wrong. Hope to be able to see you and share some fun stories of growing up together. Love ya’s

Amanda Carnefix – Richland

Jody, I don’t know you as well as I do Tess, but one thing I do know is you make Tess very happy and I thank you for taking good care of my big sister Tess, We have been through lots together and so it makes me SO HAPPY to see Jehovah care for you through Jody. May Jehovah continue you to bless the two of you. Love you both lots!!!

Sarah – Richland Ny

Hi! The wedding was beautiful and I’m so happy for you guys. Can’t wait till I can see y’all again. .

Aaron and Felicia Kiley – Auburn NY

congrats to you both! May Jehovah continue to bless you as you start this wonderful journey together.

Rebekah and Anthony Verdile – Richland, NY

Dear Tessa and Jody, what a privilege it was to be invited to your special day! It was so wonderful and upbuilding. We really enjoyed it, and we are so happy you two get to be together through these last of the last days! These are exciting times and being married is a beautiful gift from Jehovah we know you’ll value! Look forward to spending time with you both in the future! Amanda and Sarah are so excited to have a brother!!! And they are quite partial to Jody!

Sharon and Jim Gardner – Altamont, NY

Dear Jody & Tess:
Your wedding was epic! Jody … it was so nice to see you after so many years and both you and your bride were just beautiful. The cake table was like eye candy. Thank you for being a part of your special day. May Jehovah bless both of you.
Love, Sharon and Jim

Josh & Erin Avery – Syracuse, NY

Thank you for including us in your special day. Tessa, you looked beautiful!  May Jehovah be with you always and bless your marriage.

Kevin and pauline – auburn,ny

Kevin and Pauline would like to thank the two of you, congratulation Jody and Tessa very nice.

Mark and Marlow Giarrosso – Fulton

Congratulations Jody and Tessa!!!
Thank you so much for inviting us to your wedding! We truly appreciate it. Loved the cake topper and the music you used. It was nice to see you cutting the cake…it showed us the humor, happiness, and harmonious relationship the two of you have! …and that’ll grow even more and more each day! We’ll get together when we can.
Once again, Congratulations!
Mark and Marlow

Elizabeth Grant – Syracuse NY

Congratulations Jody and Tessa! What a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony! May Jehovah bless you forever!

Matt & Sarah Salvadore – Liverpool, NY

So happy for you both and wish you the best as you begin your journey together!

We love you and are so happy we got to be a part of your special day!


Savannah J LoMascolo – Rome, NY

Congratulations!!!  So incredibly happy for you both! May you both have years of happiness serving Jehovah together forever! I enjoyed being part of your special day

Colleen & Bill Meyer and rest of Meyer crew – Auburn, NY

Jody and Tess, we are so happy for you and wish you all the happiness as you start your journey as a couple. May Jehovah bless you in all you do. Thanks for including us in your special day. Tess you looked so Beautiful! Hope to see you soon!

Krista, Norma, and David – Waterloo

Congratulations. Hope you have many years of happiness! From Krista, David, and Norma

Aunt Barb – Nashville, TN

Hi Tess! You looked so beautiful today. I wish you and Jody all the happiness in your future. I look forward to meeting Jody soon. You both are welcome to come visit us in Nashville. Love, Uncle Chris, Aunt Barb, Jake and Bella

Bill & Nancy Wormstedt – Greenville SC

Congratulations! The online wedding worked just fine, glad we were able to attend. Hope we get to meet Tess soon!

Bill & Nancy

Mary Mychalak – St Petersburg, FL

What a wonderful experience!! And such a creative way to work around the pandemic circumstances and restrictions we all find ourselves under.

Congratulations, and best wishes !! Thank you for bringing a bright moment into this distancing and isolation – for showing us that life goes on, and the best things endure.

Ann Schafer – Auburn New York

Hi Jody and Tessa. Thank you for inviting me to your special day. You both looked beautiful and the cake table was gorgeous! All the best to you both for a happy future. With Jehovah in your lives I’m sure it will be wonderful!! Love, Ann

Harry Clemenzi – Menands, NY

Congratulations you two! I’m very happy for you…

Enjoy your great day!

Cheryl Howland – Auburn, NY

Congratulations! May Jehovah continue to bless you forever.

P.S. I’ll take a piece of that cake now

John and Anita Hanford – Groton NY

Dear Jody and Tessa,
Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. You both look so beautiful and happy! We love you and wish you much joy and happiness. May Jehovah bless your marriage.
Love, John and Anita

PS I took a bunch of screenshots…if you’re interested.

Abigail Carnefix – Cabool Missouri

Hello! Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you Tess, you deserve all the joy in the world!! I don’t know you Jody but I look forward to meeting you one day. May Jehovah be with you both and bless you!!

Dawn Hager & Doris Hager – Seneca Falls, NY

Congrats my little ones! Love you both!
I signed for Doris for she has no internet and I know she would want to sign the guest book too.

HURD,RICH – Mechanicville, NY

If your up this way. I’ll take you to the real Parting Glass!
Thoroughly enjoyed the wedding.
Best cake cutting ever!
Rich & Jill

Thomas Lynskey – Holland, PA

Congratulations you two! Beautiful and unique wedding. God bless you both

Tom and Emma

Mark and Jessica Henry – Columbus Ohio

Congratulations! It was good to see you. Thanks for letting us join you on this special day. Someday we will all get together in reality!

Nick and Becky Thomas – Cuyahoga falls ohio

Congratulations you two. We are so happy for you. A very nice wedding we will always remember.

Sandra Jesmer – Sodus ny

You two look good together. First anniversary in paradise
( hopefully)

sean,katrina, scarlett, isaac Carnefix – cabool mo. 65689

Congratulation Beautiful wedding  love you guys.

Céleste Laframboise – St-Charles, Ontario, Canada

Congratulations Kent and Tessa! You both looked amazing! Wishing you all the best in this new chapter of your lives!!! xxoo

Tommie Dagley – Alaska

Hi Jody and Tess!

Congratulations on your big day, really happy for you both. Hope you have a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Ted – Auburn ny

Thanku for the invite and was enjoyed
May Jehovah always bless ur endeavors in his service.
Hope u have many years of health till we all are restored by the kingdom
Ur friend for many years and many in the future.

Stan and Kim Dombrowski – Kennett Square, PA. 19348

Congratulations! It was all so Very beautiful to watch you two become husband and wife! May Jehovah always be the glue that holds you Two Together! All our love and best wishes.

Earl and Pamela Dixon – New Jersey

Jody and Tessn CONGRATULATIONS. This was by all avcounts a perfect wedding. Can’t wait to meet everyone in person. May Jehovah bless your union.

Terry, Laurie Graffius – Wolcott NY

We are so proud of you both!! May Jehovah bless and strengthen your love for one another always and forever. May he guide your steps, and your Journey together.

FlorencePort byron

So happy to share in your special day. Congratulations and God bless your life together. Nancy and florence

Sarah Everson – Syracuse,NY


Jon & Shelle Johnson – Rochester, NY

Hey guys!! Congrats on your big day! We were so glad we got to share it with you, even though the world is a bit strange right now. We really look forward to meeting Tessa soon! May Jehovah keep you ever strong in that three fold cord. Enjoy married life!!

Marc & Karin Pierson – Auburn, NY

Congratulations to you both in this special occasion. We are very happy for you Jody to find someone special for you. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of it. Best wishes with love.
Marc and Karin Pierson

Kathy & Jim Ohl – New Braunfels, Texas

So happy for you two!! Glad we got to come. Couldn’t have done without coronavirus. . .

You two look like you go together. We’re glad you found each other. Maybe someday we’ll get together with Jody & TT !!!

We love you two !

James & Kendra Haley – Wallkill, NY

Dear Jody & Tess Layton,
So nice to be with you on this special occasion. You both look lovely.
We look forward to meeting Tess in person and it will be great seeing you all again.

Lamar Peacock & family – Auburn, NY

Congrats, very happy for you two. Nice to see a wonderful wedding in these times.

Butch, Christine, Hannah Abrams – North Rose

We are so happy for both of you. We know you two will be extremely happy serving Jehovah together

Eve – Jamesville NY

Congratulations Jody and Tessa. What a beautiful wedding. Thank you for inviting me. Much love to you

Brandon and Sabrina Humphrey – Liverpool, NY

Congratulations guys. May Jehovah bless all that you do in this beautiful marriage

Jonathan and Jean Rhem – Sacramento, CA

We are so so happy to share this wonderful day with you both. You’re such a spiritually beautiful couple and sooo cute together !! May Jehovah continue to bless you both in this new chapter of life. Congratulations

Gregg & Donnetta – Dining rm table

Both looked beautiful!!
Congratulations! So happy for you! Can’t wait to celebrate in person!

Sandra jesmer – Sodus NY
You both look good together

Laura K Rose – Auburn, NY

Such an honor to be able to be a part of this joyous occasion! I wish you a lifetime full of joy, understanding and happiness!

The Record Family – The Record Home

CONGRATULATIONS… Scott, Cheryl, Pam, Gavin and Kamren all send our LOVE AND HUGS!!!!!

Keith & Taylor Tipton – Ooltewah TN

We love you! Can’t wait to be at your reception! If you snore prepare to die. We can’t wait to see you in person.
Much Love,
The Tiptons

KAREN RANDALL – The Record Home

Just Beautiful! Love you guys

Joshua Hartman – Fulton, NY


Paul and Heather Smith – Utica NY

Very cool! We hope you guys are well! We are so happy for you and wish you the best forever! We would love to get together in person, so please contact us!! Jody you have our#!! Be safe, be happy, and may Jehovah bless your happy union!

Paul + Heather

Shawn, sandy, and Shealyn – Cookeville,tn

We are so so happy for you guys!! Beautiful wedding and we can’t wait to be with the both of you in person!

Cheyenne & Jesse – Griffin GA

The last of the crew gets married! Congrats to you both. We are looking forward to when we can meet Tess in person and catch up with you both.

Love you guys!

Michael and Carrie Coombs – Ooltewah, TN


Shane and Lindsay Petersen – Pennsylvania

Congratulations!!!! We are truly happy for you!

Andrew Johnson – Myanmar

We are so very happy for you guys! May Jehovah be with you and bless your marriage.

We miss you guys very much, and we will come visit you soon!

The Boy and The Girl from the jungle.

Zack – Seneca Falls

Congratulations my friend im so happy for you guys

Tad Fitch – Cleveland, Ohio

Congratulations Kent and Tessa! Very happy for both of you! My best wishes for many happy, healthy and joyful years together. Thank you for inviting us to share in your day!

Kind regards,

Johnny, Hilarie & Girls – Marion, NY

So incredibly happy for you guys and can’t wait til we’re able to party together and celebrate even more!