Recommended Works by Others

Recommended Reading: The Best Works by Others.

In addition to my own books and this web site, there are books, web sites and research articles by others that I can recommend because of the high quality and standards of their work.

Please note: Some of these books are older, and there have been revisions to our understanding in the historical picture since they were released. However, they are included because of their overall usefulness to Titanic‘s canon. To paraphrase: Reader discretion is advised.

Why buy books direct from the publisher or authors?

Titanic Books.

CentennialReappraisalTitanic: A Centennial Reappraisal
By Samuel Halpern, Cathy Akers-Jordan, George Behe, Bruce Beveridge, Mark Chirnside, Tad Fitch, Dave Gittins, Steve Hall, Lester J. Mitcham, Charles Weeks, Bill Wormstedt; Foreword by J. Kent Layton


Titanic: The Ship Magnificent
Volume 1: Design & Construction
Volume 2: Interior Design & Fitting Out
By Bruce Beveridge, Scott Andrews, Steve Hall, Daniel Klistorner

The Olympic-Class Ships: Olympic, Titanic, Britannic

Titanic in PhotographsTitanic in Photographs
By Daniel Klistorner, Steve Hall, Bruce Beveridge, Art Braunschweiger, Scott Andrews

OnBoard-BeheOn Board RMS Titanic: Memories of the Maiden Voyage
By George Behe


Voices from the Carpathia: Rescuing RMS Titanic
By George Behe

RMSOlympicRMS Olympic: TItanic’s Sister
By Mark Chirnside

OlyClassChirnsideOlympic, Titanic, Britannic:
An Illustrated History of the ‘Olympic’ Class Ships
By Mark Chirnside

OlyClassBookThe Olympic Class Ships: Olympic, Titanic, Britannic
By Mark Chirnside

Conspiracy-BeveridgeTitanic or Olympic: Which Ship Sank?
The Truth Behind the Conspiracy
Steve Hall, Bruce Beveridge, Art Braunschweiger; Foreword by Mark Chirnside


A Night to Remember
By Walter Lord

The Night Lives On

The Night Lives On
By Walter Lord


Titanic: An Illustrated History
By Don Lynch / Illustrations by Ken Marschall


Titanic: Triumph & Tragedy
By Charles Haas & John Eaton

Titanic-Related & Other Maritime Books.


The ‘Big Four’ of the White Star Fleet
By Mark Chirnside






Web sites.

Sam Halpern’s Titanicology
This site, compiled by one of the finest Titanic historian/analysts alive today, is a treasure trove of information on many controversial subjects regarding the history of the liner. I worked with Sam, and a team of Titanic and maritime historians behind the scenes, in the research leading up to the books Centennial Reappraisal and On A Sea of Glass; what I like most about Sam’s work is that he is always willing to follow evidence, rather than be guided by emotion and a desire to support some pet theory. He is also quite willing to revise his theories and analyses in the light of new supporting evidence. Quite simply, I can wholeheartedly recommend anything that Sam publishes as being the best-researched, most thoroughly thought-out, and most up-to-date work on whatever subject he is discussing.

Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room.
Like Sam, I have a long history in working with Mark Chirnside, who is widely recognized as one of the highest-caliber maritime historians in the world. Mark’s attention to detail and his depth of research are all but unparalleled in a community where most are content merely to rehash previous work or come up with bizarre new theories to grab headlines and make a name for themselves. Mark’s web site is intended to supplement his ever-growing length of published historical masterpieces. It contains a number of free articles and some fascinating information you won’t find anywhere else.

Titanic Research & Modeling Association (TRMA)
Although perhaps not as well trafficked as it was a number of years ago, the TRMA is a fascinating and astoundingly helpful resource for technical information on Titanic and other ships. It is specifically designed to help scale modelers recreate the liner as accurately as possible; however, it provides fascinating pieces of research that have led to groundbreaking technical discoveries; it has also helped to bring to the fore a number of now well-known Titanic “tecchies” or historians, such as Bruce Beveridge, Steve Hall, and others. Don’t miss the forums there, as this is where the latest nuggets are usually turned up.

Encyclopedia Titanica
This is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the Titanic. Biographies of all Titanic‘s passengers and crew, photographs, article transcriptions, and original research. All of these come highly recommended. Unfortunately, the online forums have occasionally become hotbeds of disagreement and are often frequented by those who argue well-established facts, and even some who offer up bizarre theories that contradict known evidence. Caution should be exercised before accepting anything in the forums as fact.

Research articles.

Coming soon.

Why buy books direct from the publisher or authors?
As historians and authors in a very specialized field, many of us spend hundreds or thousands of hours doing research which is eventually included in our finished books. Getting these books into the hands of readers is gratifying in and of itself, and we are happy to help educate on the subject. Personally, I also appreciate the worldwide exposure and availability that comes from online retailers such as Amazon.

What many don’t realize, however, is that large retailers like Amazon offer enormous discounts on our books – so much so that sometimes the author or authors literally only see pennies for a copy sold there.

Even worse, because of their profits in moving thousands or millions of items, along with specially-negotiated rates with shipping services, retailers like Amazon often offer astoundingly inexpensive (or, incredibly, completely free) shipping rates on heavy books. These shipping rates could never be matched by the authors when they ship their books out, particularly in cases of international shipping. In fact, some publishing companies have simply given up on trying to compete with rates from big-box or online retailers, and link directly to their books at the various retailers’ sites.

On the other hand, when you buy books directly from the publisher (where available), or from the author through their web site, this helps to support the ongoing work they carry out. A few pennies, dollars, pounds or euros’ difference in the bottom line for the customer can make for a world of difference to the returns the author sees on his or her investment of time and, indeed, personal funds preparing that work.

This is why I always recommend buying books directly from the publisher or author. However, speaking for myself, I would personally prefer that you pick up your copy of one of my books from a big-box or online retailer rather than not get it at all!

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