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Contact Me.

I very much hope that you have enjoyed the time you have spent here at Atlantic Liners. I also hope that you will take the time to drop me a line with feedback, comments on this web site, its design or content, or on my books. As a maritime historian, I realize that no matter how much research has been done or how carefully it has been prepared, it is very possible that mistakes or errors have crept into the text of the site or of my books. Please feel free to mention any documented errors when contacting me.

Before dropping me a line to question or critique some historical detail from my books or this web site, however, be aware: some of the finer points of material presented within the pages of the site or of my books often touch on issues that are hotly debated. However, all of the information on the vessels and their history has been painstakingly researched, and the conclusions presented herein have not been drawn lightly or with personal bias. I am led by facts to reasonable conclusions; I am interested only in presenting what is best supported by available evidence.

If you are interested in contributing to my upcoming books or to this web site, by all means please feel free to contact me, as well. I always acknowledge the contributions others make to my works (online or in print), and they are always very much appreciated. I also encourage you to drop me a line if you are an author or teacher, or are involved in the production of a documentary and would like to enlist my assistance, or the use of material from my personal collection.

If you have liner-related memorabilia that you are interested in selling, you may contact me to ascertain my interest. However, be advised that if you are seeking evaluations for items that you wish to sell, I am not in the habit of providing such. I would instead encourage you to try to research what similar items have sold for on sites such as eBay, or in the case of particularly valuable objects, to contact auction houses like Christie’s, Sotheby’s, etc., for a professional evaluation of value, and recommendations on how to proceed with selling your item(s).



If you would like to contact me to request information, assistance with upcoming documentaries, etc., please feel free to use the form below and it will send a message to me directly. If you do not hear from me in short order, please also feel free to stop by the official Facebook page for Atlantic Liners and send me a message there.

Additionally, many of my books have their own page. Please feel free to drop by any of these official Facebook pages and follow these for all of the latest news and updates:


I hope you return to take another voyage on Atlantic liners, and to check for updates to this site!

J. Kent Layton

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