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August 17, 2018. Over the years, there has been widespread speculation on how much time separated Titanic‘s official shipboard time, on the night of the disaster, from time in New York, Southampton, London, and other areas ashore. Much of what has been postulated over the years is based on conjecture or just plain bad assumptions. After months of painstaking research, however, our international team of maritime historians has now released our latest peer review article, “Time & Again: Titanic‘s Final Hours”. It presents an astonishing amount of new material on the subject, including unprecedented finds on the Magneta system of shipboard clocks and how they did, and did not, work. Click below to read the article:


January 26, 2017. Recently, there has been a wave of media coverage on the Titanic, related to a new program entitled Titanic: The New Evidence. The underlying theory is that new evidence shows that the Titanic disaster was caused by a coal bunker fire. Although widely covered, the claim is historically inaccurate. I was privileged to work with a worldwide team of historians to create the new peer review article, Titanic: Fire & Ice (Or What You Will)”, to rebut these claims with the facts. Click below to read:


Titanic: Fire & Ice (Or What You Will)”

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November 21, 2023

What should have been.

Remembering Britannic, 21 November 1916 - 21 November 2023. #Britannic

November 18, 2023

Our ongoing commitment to bring you facts and help recreate the era of Lusitania and the many liners of the golden era on the Atlantic continues!

This video is performed on a Lusitania-era 1905 piano, and features two Lusitania songs. 'Lusitania Intermezzo' is a world premiere, likely not heard since 1915 or earlier; it will appear on Volume 2 of our 'Liners of the Golden Era' album at HFX Studios. 'Lusitania Waltzes', which was included in Volume 1 of our album back in April 2023, is a ... See more

November 4, 2023

This evening, our book "On a Sea of Glass" hit #10 in the Ship History category for sales on Amazon US. Tad, Bill, and I appreciate all the support from readers over the last decade and more since the book was first released! #titanic #onaseaofglassbook

October 23, 2023

Please do not miss this important post from the original page for our upcoming two-volume book set, 'Lusitania: An Illustrated Biography'. This post includes important text information and a link to the high-resolution version of this illustration we've prepared showing why we know the torpedo struck Lusitania much further aft than is commonly thought. We feel it is very important to place this corrective post in the public record to help set that record straight quickly. #lusitania

October 20, 2023

One-hundred-thirteen years ago today, Harland & Wolff Yard No. 400, TSS Olympic, was launched. (At the time, TSS, or 'triple-screw ship', was a correct designation; similarly, before they had entered service, Lusitania and Mauretania had been referred to as QTSS for their quartet of turbine engines.) When Olympic started down the ways, she became the largest moving object in the world, a trophy that her slightly lighter sister Titanic would not take at the moment of her launch the following ... See more

September 30, 2023

I just received this in my inbox and realized how soon it will be here!

A week from today, I will be signing copies of our books "On a Sea of Glass" and "Recreating Titanic and Her Sisters" at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN. Bill will be there on Sunday, and we really look forward to seeing as many of you as we can possibly see there! #titanic #Titanic #onaseaofglass #recreatingtitanic #booksigning #ships

September 26, 2023

Bill and I can't wait to meet you all in person at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN, Saturday and Sunday, October 7-8! I will be signing copies of our book on Saturday, and Bill on Sunday. See you all there soon!--Kent #Titanic #onaseaofglassbook #onaseaofglass #books #booksigning #maritime #liners #whitestarline

September 25, 2023

Remembering David McCallum, who is known to Titanic enthusiasts for playing Harold Bride in 1958's "A Night To Remember", and as the narrator of the best Titanic documentary ever made, "Titanic: Death of a Dream" and "Titanic: The Legend Lives On." He also starred in the hit television series NCIS as Ducky.

September 13, 2023

In honor of the 116th anniversary of Lusitania's final night at sea on her maiden voyage to New York, we are sharing this splendid image with you. Stay tuned for more updates on both the book and the upcoming virtual museum experience "Lusitania: The Greyhound's Wake" from HFX Studios! #lusitania

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