Recommended Works by Others

Recommended Reading by Others.

In addition to my own books and this web site, there are books, web sites and research articles by others that I can recommend because of the high quality and standards of their work.


Titanic in Photographs

Titanic: A Centennial Reappraisal

Web sites.

Sam Halpern’s Titanicology
This site, compiled by one of the finest Titanic historian/analysts alive today, is a treasure trove of information on many controversial subjects regarding the history of the liner. I’ve worked with Sam and a team of Titanic and maritime historians behind the scenes in the research leading up to the Centennial Reappraisal and On A Sea of Glass, and what I like most about him is that he is always willing to follow evidence rather than be guided by emotion and a desire to support some pet theory. He is also always willing to revise his theories and analyses in the light of new supporting evidence. Quite simply, I can wholeheartedly recommend anything that Sam publishes as being the best-researched, most thoroughly thought-out, and most up-to-date work on any subject he is discussing.

Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room.
Like Sam, I have a long history in working with Mark Chirnside, who is widely recognized as one of the highest-caliber maritime historians in the world. Mark’s attention to detail and his depth of research are all but unparalleled in a community where most are content merely to rehash previous work or come up with bizarre new theories to grab headlines and make a name for themselves even if those theories are historically absurd. This web site is intended to supplement Mark’s ever-growing length of published historical masterpieces.

Research articles.

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