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August 17, 2018. Over the years, there has been widespread speculation on how much time separated Titanic‘s official shipboard time, on the night of the disaster, from time in New York, Southampton, London, and other areas ashore. Much of what has been postulated over the years is based on conjecture or just plain bad assumptions. After months of painstaking research, however, our international team of maritime historians has now released our latest peer review article, “Time & Again: Titanic‘s Final Hours”. It presents an astonishing amount of new material on the subject, including unprecedented finds on the Magneta system of shipboard clocks and how they did, and did not, work. Click below to read the article:


January 26, 2017. Recently, there has been a wave of media coverage on the Titanic, related to a new program entitled Titanic: The New Evidence. The underlying theory is that new evidence shows that the Titanic disaster was caused by a coal bunker fire. Although widely covered, the claim is historically inaccurate. I was privileged to work with a worldwide team of historians to create the new peer review article, Titanic: Fire & Ice (Or What You Will)”, to rebut these claims with the facts. Click below to read:


Titanic: Fire & Ice (Or What You Will)”

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